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    19 Memorable Fan Reactions To "A Quiet Place Part II" That'll Have You Running To Your Local Theater To Buy A Movie Ticket don't want to miss this.

    There's something special about seeing a movie in theaters, and A Quiet Place Part II is one of those that's especially made for the big screen.

    After some very long-awaited anticipation, the sequel dropped on May 28 and rocked the box office immediately. Not to mention, a third installment is already in the works for a 2023 release!

    If you're looking for a new movie that'll have you on the edge of your seat right until the very end, look no further than this one. It was certainly well worth the wait, and audiences can't help but agree.

    We've rounded up some of the best fan reactions so far that'll make you run to your local theater for a movie ticket. Check them out below:


    Me trying to make as little noise as possible while watching a quiet place 2


    No context spoiler for A Quiet Place 2

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @mainstreetmaddy


    Twitter: @cbmroyale


    yea i watched a quiet place 2 for the plot the plot:

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @fevalllll


    A Quiet Place 2: An Even Quieter Place

    Twitter: @ruettigerr


    A Quiet Place part 2 had me like this in the theater. #AQuietPlace

    Twitter: @mankogiirl


    Man fuck A Quiet Place 2 they put a jump scare in one of the silent scenes and I farted loud as hell in that movie theater

    Twitter: @Lei_Knee


    AMC / Twitter: @rocktherock18


    emily blunt queen of delivering iconic scenes in a first take

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @badpostblunt


    A Quiet Place 2 is the best Last of Us movie we will ever get

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @OrderOfShelby


    Love the visual callback 🤫 #AQuietPlace #AQuietPlace2

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @NoBadMovie


    so we're all campaigning for Millicent Simmonds to be a Best Supporting Actress contender this year, right? #AQuietPlace2

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @JarettSays


    I mean @johnkrasinski just gave a master class in filmmaking. Incredible shot selection. Beautiful cinematography. The score... just.. I’m blown away.

    Twitter: @hichasestokes


    Just saw A Quiet Place 2 and fell asleep it was too quiet smh

    Twitter: @luhbutterboo


    Off to see #AQuietPlace2 again tomorrow. Must pay more attention to the plot this time. The plot. #CillianMurphy

    Twitter: @PPeaksy


    A Quiet Place II (2021) - Out of context, new episode is out this Friday! #AQuietPlace2

    Twitter: @horrorscopepodd


    Opening a package of cheese within 2 miles of my dog is the plot to A Quiet Place 2

    Twitter: @JasonNotEvil


    Cillian Murphy's performance in A quiet place 2 was phenomenal. Proving he's one of the most underutilised actors in the industry. Can't wait for the third film

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @OrderOfShelby


    The ending of A Quiet Place 2 made me feel very empowered and valued as a deaf person with a hearing device. The only other time I’ve felt like that was when I watched the first film. Representation really does matter

    Twitter: @ALittleOutlook

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