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    13 Questions "A Quiet Place Part II" Needs To Answer

    So...about our military...

    With the release of A Quiet Place Part II there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered about this very original dystopian world.

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    But how far back are they willing to pull the curtain, especially after the success of the first film?

    Here are 13 questions I hope the sequel will answer:

    (Spoilers about the first movie below!)

    1. Were our military and other countries' militaries so incompetent that they couldn't find a way to kill the monsters?

    Newspaper clipping saying U.S. Military was defeated
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    This isn't just a gripe with this film series, because it might be the biggest flaw in every movie in which monsters take over the world. I guess this question can be answered with some quick flashbacks that show just how quickly and suddenly these monsters took over rather than a newspaper clipping in which the military goes, "Sawwy *sad face*."

    Seriously, if they are printing about the military's failures, the takeover couldn't have been that sudden. I mean, a family in Butt-Creek, Nowhere figured it out...I just feel like Hollywood really undersells our national intelligence and other countries capabilities, too.

    2. What's the body count?

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    It would be a great scary moment to actually show the amount of people who have been killed. A shot of one of the monsters' feeding caves, perhaps?

    3. What's the living count?

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    With dystopian horror, the mystery of the unknown is what makes it so scary. BUT, you're the one that made a sequel, John Krasinski, so you might as well expand on the story as much as possible.

    4. Will we get the origins of the monsters?

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    We see flashbacks in the trailers, but that is not an answer about where these monsters came from. Again, I get that mystery is always a fear factor, but sequels are gonna sequel, amirite?

    5. So many "Baby Abbott" questions, so let's start with this: How's the baby's health?

    Abbott family walking away from house, Evelyn holding the baby
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    I really hope the baby isn't just a carry-on bag in this film. There is so much story there in raising a child in a world where silence is the only way to survive. If the baby has any health issues, it can also drive the film forward for Evelyn to do everything she can to save the little one.

    6. The Abbott family always adapted well in the first film, so how the heck are they going to keep Baby Abbott quiet?

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    "Quiet." It's literally in the title.

    I'll ask again: How the heck do you keep a baby quiet? Parents have been failing for centuries in the real world and never had CGI-monsters coming after them.

    7. Will the monsters adapt now that their weakness is exposed?

    A white board with the question "what is the weakness"
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    The very scary cat is out of the bag. So now what?

    The first movie ended by implying that Evelyn was ready to take on a hoard of the monsters. So what's the threat anymore? Animals adapt in the wild to survive, as we saw with the Abbott family. Will these monsters be mindless zombies? Or will they find a way to protect themselves and become more threatening than ever?

    8. How has Marcus and Regan's relationship changed after the death of their father?

    Regan and Marcus hugging their father
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    Regan watched a monster kill her dad. You don't move on from that.

    I think the two kids were the strongest part of the first film, and it would be nice to see how they have grown as characters.

    9. Obvious follow-up: How has Evelyn's relationship evolved with her children now?

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    Single mother. Baby. Two kids.

    Evelyn is one badass mom. She has her hands full in this film, and I can only imagine how any conflicts among the Abbott family could turn things on its head.

    10. Are Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou's characters goodies or baddies?

    Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou closing people in a room
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    I have a feeling that strangers aren't going to see eye-to-eye when it comes to survival. So where do the two newest cast members stand?

    11. Is this going to be like Aliens, where the original film that was a horror turns into more of an action movie?

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    Moving on to more film-based questions, after watching the trailer, it will be interesting to see what kind of movie this is. Expanding the story is different from flipping the film's genre, so let's hope that this is a horror film with action elements and not the other way around.

    12. Aliens? Oh, no. Is there going to be some type of "Alpha-Mother Monster" in A Quiet Place Part II?

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    Not that I wouldn't like to see different variations of the monster, but if they end up going the route of "we can destroy the nest and stop this once and for all," it is really sprinting away from this being a unique horror franchise.

    13. With flashbacks and a bigger cast, will the sequel be a "Not So Quiet Place"?

    Lee Abbot in a store filled with people
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    I'm not trying to be a jerk, but really, the whole thing that made the first one special seems to be taking a backseat. How will Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou's characters communicate with the Abbott family? Communication is key in a film known for its silence.

    What questions do you have going into A Quiet Place Part II that you hope the movie answers? Are some of mine just petty? Comment below! (And no spoilers, please — don't be that person.)

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