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Running Helped Me Cope With Depression, But Then I Got Injured

Running regularly gave me a sense of control. It became something I needed to do. But a sudden injury meant I temporarily lost both the ability to run and that crucial sense of control.

Michele Filgate 3 years ago

The Rise Of Independent Booksellers In The Time Of Amazon

"You cannot invent an algorithm that is as good at recommending books as a good bookseller." —John Green

Michele Filgate 4 years ago

Reading A Book Is Being In Someone Else's Mind

An interview and 42 book recommendations from Praying Drunk author Kyle Minor.

Michele Filgate 5 years ago

The Myth Of The Alcoholic Writer: An Interview With Olivia Laing

The author of To the River and The Trip to Echo Spring on loneliness, being drawn to transgression, and the American glamorization of drinking.

Michele Filgate 5 years ago