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    19 Pictures That Prove Disney's Holiday Season Is Actually The Most Magical Thing On The Planet

    The most wonderful time of the year at the happiest place on Earth.

    1. The various Disney parks get decked out in holiday decor.

    @disney_ghoul55 / Via

    From Christmas trees to wreaths, there's no shortage of holiday cheer in the parks around the world.

    2. The castle is no exception.

    @frncissdominc / Via

    Just wait until you see it lit up at night.

    3. Some of your favorite attractions get a holiday makeover.

    @princessburrini / Via

    You can find Sandy Claws taking over Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.

    4. It's A Small World gets some festive flair.

    @firstcomesdisney / Via

    The lights on this attraction are dazzling at night.

    5. You can take a ride jolly ride on the Jingle Cruise.

    @disneylandtimes / Via

    Don't forget to bring your Santa hat along for the ride.

    6. You might not recognize the Tower of Terror.

    @disneydailyphoto / Via

    Keep an eye out for a snowy forecast while you're there.

    7. Even Cars Land gets in on the merry fun.

    @allmadhere23 / Via

    8. If you love candy canes, you'll want to snag one at the Disneyland Resort.

    @punkrickdad / Via

    FYI: These are limited and sell out quick! If you want to ensure you get your hands on one of these delicious holiday treats, line up early to grab a bracelet to guarantee your spot.

    9. The beignets also get some holiday flavor.

    @mrsb91413 / Via

    Your candy cane obsession doesn't have to stop here.

    10. Add some candy cane bits to your ice cream.

    @magic_kingdom_mamas / Via

    11. And you can't forget about the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies.

    @stayandseeusgo / Via

    We might eat all of these. Sorry, Santa!

    12. If you love Minnie Mouse ears, you'll want to grab a pair of the holiday-themed releases.

    @wdwtakeover / Via

    'Tis the season.

    13. There's also a red-and-green sequined pair.

    @skinner_jessica / Via

    You can't go wrong with these classic Christmas colors.

    14. You can cozy up in a holiday-themed Disney spirit jersey.

    @andivigneau / Via

    Can we add this to our Christmas list?

    15. Spruce up your Christmas tree with some Disney ornaments.

    @fitandhealthy4yourself / Via

    There's really something for everyone.

    16. Oh, and did we mention the holiday pins?

    @meg_barria / Via

    If you're a pin trader, you won't want to miss out on some seasonal and limited-edition picks.

    17. Your favorite Disney characters are dressed in their holiday best.

    @hauntedmansionholiday / Via

    Say cheese!

    18. There's also an amazing lineup of holiday entertainment.

    @disneyhungry / Via

    From a spectacular parade to a festive fireworks display, you'll be filled with holiday spirit.

    19. And if you're not convinced how magical it is just yet, take a look at Cinderella's castle lit up at night.

    @orlandobrothas / Via

    Yep, Disney pretty much has the holidays mastered.

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