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    • michaelz22

      Mr. Shaun McCutcheon, I am a Trustee in Cottrellville Township, Michigan. I have been officially “Censured” two times (soon to be three) because of the fact that I am fighting to defend our First Amendment right to Freedom of the Press. We are on the same team; we need to stick together. Please help me out! My email address is michaelzoran@hotmail.com I was outvoted 4-1 in April when the township created a Public Participation Policy that my attorney has confirmed is 100% Illegal due to the fact that Local “Policies” cannot supersede Statutory Law or Federal Law. … Nevertheless, those other board members are doing everything from telling my cameraman they have called the police on him prior to the meeting (and the police took my side when they arrived) to Publicly “Censuring” me in order to try and make a recall easier. This Public Participation Policy says you are not allowed to conduct an interview during a meeting. The policy also says you are not allowed to record before or after a meeting! … This literally means you can never conduct an electronically recorded interview — which is a violation of our First Amendment Constitutional right to Freedom of the Press. This is also a violation of the Michigan Statutory right to Publicly Record. Please help me out. I need attention with the media and financial help in order to compete, because I’m outnumbered 4-1.  You said politics is a “hobby” for you. If that is true, you will LOVE working with me, because I’m the type of guy who NEVER EVER gives up! … I don’t care what the odds are! For example, I may have been outvoted 4-1 with that Public Participation Policy, but I didn’t accept the loss. I created facebook groups that have grown to thousands of members. But it is frustrating that I am so very popular and supported throughout the county, but there are still very few people who show up at the township meetings. I am literally mocked by the other board members at meetings. Last meeting they had a 70-year-old man stand next to my cameraman and shake a bag of popcorn next to the microphone in order to block out sound when I would speak. Those other board members even used POPCORN and Brochures to deliberately IGNORE people speaking at the podium and to ignore me while I talked on behalf of the people who elected me. Pictures and videos prove all of this! I also have videos to prove that the current Deputy Supervisor and his son have physically grabbed my camera to try to turn it off. And this group of corrupt people have created custom shirts that say “Good Ole’ Boys.” They even sing songs to mock me. I have a woman singing “Good Ole’ Boys, Good Ole’ Boys” just because she is friends with those corrupt political Good Ole’ Boys that place personal interests ahead of what is best for the community. I’m the one board member who voted “No” to the large 6.25% Pay Raise for Board members. The supervisor took money from the St. Clair County, Michigan Republican Party when I asked them to support her and endorse her. But this woman then betrayed the entire party and all those who supported her by expanding government and becoming the first supervisor in township history to hire the optional Deputy Supervisor position… And it was the Democrat who ran against her (which actually occurred because of a bar bet that said “if you win, you hire me as my deputy and if I win, I will hire you as my deputy”). Please help me out. Let’s defend the First Amendment Constitutional rights of every American together!  Sincerely,
      Michael Zoran

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