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  • Revolution In Football

    I was searching the internet during the Iran-Nigeria match, cause it was not the most exciting match of all time :) I do not know how to call this, but it is surely not a coincidence. I’ve found this on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/948076645/teqball-football-reinvented Those guys on the pitch should own one Teqboard (Teqball is played on this table). It is an amazing game. During the Iran match they were passing, ok, sometimes running.. :) it was absolutely boring, but not in this Teqball sport. As they write, it is good for rehabilitation, developing ball handling and affect the concentrational skills. And those stars, who are speaking in the videos.. Shane Black, Ronald Koeman…This project must come true. I have already backed them, let’s help them!

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