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    • michaels149

      Its been said many times, in different ways: You see the world truthfully through the eyes ofachild. This 12 year old has excellent eyes, and his words prove it. Ihope there are hundreds if not thousands more like him to help bring his country the peace, equality, and respect it deserves. AdditionallyIhope it inspires men and women in all country to remove the political blinders, gender blinders, and religious blinders that drive division in nearly every culture, country and region in the world.
      Ifully respect the right of each and every person to practice the religion of their choice,Ifully respect that this can and often will guide cultural values. HoweverIhope more people will realize that the right to belief’s works both ways. Believe what will will, but respect that others have an equal right to believe differently. If you do so, you will find that religion can beaimmensely satisfying and fulfilling, and has no place in politics. All politicians should listen to this young man. All to often in American politics politicians are quick to tell us what we the people believe, and define us withinareligious umbrella, by saying this isaChristian country or that the country is founded on Christian principles. Not all of the founding fathers were Christians, nor were those who were all of the same faith. The Founding fathers had the good sense to require no religious test for becoming president, and made it clear that the country shall not favor one religion over the other. To see why, you only have to examine their recent history, as well as the history of governing and religion for several centuries prior to the forming of the nation. Many immigrants came to the US while it wasacollection of British colonies to escape religious persecution. While the colonies where notaperfect melting pot by any means, it did containamore religions than any other in the world. As to the history, the king of England was also the head of the church, this lead toanumber of dark periods of religious persecutions. Prior to that the Head of the Catholic church issued orders to the heads of governments under threat of excommunication, religious damnation, or refusal of the church to perform services such as last rights, funerals, and baptisms. Benjamin Franklin may have said it best. The separation of church and state is often quoted is essential to protect the church from abuses by the state. He believed this was only half right. They are separate to protect the church from the state AND the state from the church. The same holds true as this young man speaks to the rejection of the theocracy. To any who feelIam not correct in my opinions,Irespect your right to disagree. AndIrespect your right to speak as to your beliefs. HoweverIhave researched this,Idid not speak off the cuff. EverythingIhave said about the founders, history, and the government is verifiable. My statement about the makeup of the country in religious terms is verifiable.IamaChristian myself, but that does not compel me to discount, reject, or belittle other Christian faiths, Islamic faiths, Jewish, Buddhist, or others. We all have an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of this amazing young man, lets not color it by considering the sex, age, race, or religion of the speaker. His words apply to every government on the planet.

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