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    • michaels117

      what religion are you speaking of? the Word of God says to love thy neighbor as thyself. secondly, what fear and intimidation? My Bible promises hope and rewards for believing. thirdly, what has religion(christianity)held civilization back from? nothing.fourth, mind control and thought control(same thing)? The Bible is very specific in the fact that you haveachoice to do whatever you want, it does recommend that you simply believe in God and make good choices, but never forces anyone to do/think anything. that is the whole point of letting sin go on, God doesn’t want mindless drones, He wants people to love Him and follow Him by free choice. Finally, what money? the Bible says christians should give 10% asatythe(which we gladly do, because he gives us so much more, and someone needs to keep the utilities on at the church)and it asks that you give an additional offering(not manditory), if you are able(not even necessarily money), so where do you get your “facts”?

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