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10 Clean Eating Food Blogs You'll Love In 2015

These bloggers put out great recipes, tips, and alternatives to junk food for making good on your New Year's Resolutions.

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Why you'll love it: Karen understands what its like to struggle with weight and will be there to cheer you on! No judging here.

Diet: Weight Watchers

Hails from: Getting Skinny One Point at a Time, USA

2. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum / Via

Why you'll love it: She's funny, cute and fun to read. Lindsay likes to cook vegetarian recipes but you'll find a little bit of everything here. She also is one half of quite the power couple. Meet her main squeeze on her website.

Diet: Nothing processed, mostly vegetarian, with the occasional seafood recipe

Hails from: Around These Parts, don't cha know, Minnesota

3. Foodscape

Foodscape / Via

Why you'll love it: Michaell thinks nutritious doesn't mean boring food, it means party food. Between us, there are rumors she knows where the Fountain of Youth is located.

Diet: No processed sugars/flours, mostly vegetarian/vegan since she considers most dairy processed.

Hails from: Los Angeles, California

4. The Healthy Maven

The Healthy Maven / Via

Why you'll love it: Davida provides a variety of diet options from vegetarian to paleo. Between us, there are rumors she knows where the Canadian Fountain of Youth is.

Diet: Gluten-free

Hails from: Toronto, Canada

5. ifoodreal

ifoodreal / Via

Why you'll love it: Olena's recipes are quick and easy to follow. She also has a YouTube channel if you need any recipe help.

Diet: High Protein, Low Fat, no processed flour/sugar

Hails from: Vancouver, BC

6. Pale Mama

paleomama / Via

Why you'll love it: Jackie doesn't just talk about food, she makes clean eating a lifestyle complete with beauty products and gifts. Bonus: She has an amazing story.

Diet: Paleo

Hails from: Somewhere in North Carolina

8. spinach for breakfast

spinach for breakfast / Via

Why You'll Love it: Maria and Alyssa are two bubbly sisters, so you get two recipe styles for the price of one blog.

Diet: Vegetarian, errrrr realistic balance

Hails from: New York, New York

10. The Restless Palate

The Restless Palate / Via

Why you'll love it: France said goodbye to dieting but not to a healthy diet.

Diet: Perfect Moderation

Hails from: Top secret so we don't come over unannounced for brunch.

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