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    • michaelk74

      yeah,Iagree, ruined my flipn day! THERE WASAMilliON DIFFERENT WAYS TO HANDLE THIS!!!!I could of easily thought of two that would have prevented this! firstIhate it when cops think they have the right to walk up to you with out planning or strategizing. Just how they expect us to respect THEIR BADGE! the cop should have respected the dudes dog! He knew what was going to happen. But thenIalso think, what the the hell was the dude with the dog thinking?????I know forafact my dog would have done the same exact thing andIwould NEVER have put it in that sort of situation, its just stupidity on both parts in my opinion, wishInever wasted my time with that video. It is the 21st century, if your going to beapolice officer get use to the idea that your every move could be caught on camera.

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