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New Documentary "Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine" Introduced By The Writer, Director Of "Boys Don't Cry"

Kimberly Peirce, the writer, director of "Boys Don't Cry," the 1999 film based on the true story of transgendered teen Brandon Teena, taped this thoughtful introduction for tonight's Los Angeles premier of "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine."

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"Boys Don't Cry" came out in 1999. It was written and directed by Kimberly Peirce, a female filmmaker in a male dominated industry.


Hilary Swank won best actress for playing a girl who lived like a boy and liked girls.

This was the 90s, so to many, this sounded reasonable. Maybe this still sounds reasonable to some.

Here is Kimberly Peirce talking about how she first heard the name, Matt Shepard, while going into production of "Boys Don't Cry."

This taped introduction will play tonight at the Los Angeles premier, sponsored by Facing History and Ourselves, a non-profit that combats racism, antisemitism, and prejudice and nurtures democracy through education programs worldwide.

This movie tells the Matthew Shepard story from the point of view of the people who knew him best--his friends.

In 2013 "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine" comes out.


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