10 Jokes About Rape That Are Actually Funny

Again the internet is plagued with feminists, comedians and everyone in between arguing unabashedly about whether the topic of rape has a place in comedy. Comedy is out there for people to deal with what is getting talked about, to face it, not marginalize it (although it certainly can and many cases has). That line of marginalization is what is being argued about and a fine line it is. Whatever your opinion is on the subject, do you think that without comedians making these jokes anyone would be reading any feminist rants about rape? Ten to twenty years ago feminist bloggers such as Lindy West wouldn’t get the time of day outside of a few niche outlets with audiences that already agreed with the majority of her perspective. By making jokes about rape, you bring it into a position where you can talk about it which is what people are doing and like many other controversial topics in the past in comedy, people will get offended as they should because we need debates on the subject. It is a huge problem in the World that people need to care about, talk about, learn about and yes, even in some cases laugh about. Here are some jokes made by well established comedians, male and female, that are actually funny.

1. Joan Rivers

My first sexual experience was rape. No don’t give me sympathy, I was lucky he didn’t press charges.

2. Dave Chappelle

3. Amy Schumer

4. Louis CK

5. Louis CK again

6. Sarah Silverman

“I was raped by a doctor, which is a bittersweet experience for a Jewish girl”

7. Anthony Jeselnik

“With all of my jokes, I try to do topics that are tough to make fun of. There’s nothing funny about rape. There’s nothing funny about it. That’s why I try to make jokes about it.

So I thought, it’s funny to open with a rape joke. No one ever does that. It’s crazy. And then set up that I’ve got two more coming, so people know what they’re getting into. It’s a good way to set the bar for the audience.

And then the Tosh thing happened, and I was like, oh geez. Now it’s almost like you’re trying too hard. I’m probably done with rape jokes, to be honest with you. We’ll see how the reaction is to the special. If people get on my case about it, then I might want to do it again.

it interests me when people tell me not to do something. It’s one of the reasons I got into comedy, just wanting to do what people say I shouldn’t be doing. If someone gets in my face and says you need to apologize for these jokes or we’re going to try to ruin your career through the Internet, then that’s just going to make me write as many jokes as I can.”

8. Louis CK again

9. David Cross

10. Patrice O’Neal

This really isn’t a rape joke, but it is important to the discussions being had over and over on the subject at hand, Patrice was well known for being very controversial which is probably was he was never that well known outside of the stand up comedy community.

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