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    10 Things All Men Can Learn From The Rosie Project

    Love isn’t an exact science – but nobody told Don Tillman, the unlikely hero of bestselling novel The Rosie Project. Determined to find his life partner, Don devises a detailed questionnaire to find ‘The One’. And while it’s not all plain sailing, there are certainly a few lessons for men to take away…

    1. When outlining what you are looking for in a life partner, a sixteen (double-paged) 'Wife Project' questionnaire cannot be described as concise.

    2. Planning your daily routine down to the second rarely leaves time for spontaneity.

    3. When identifying a woman in a room, describing her as 'overweight' is not an improvement on 'fat'.

    4. When a woman tells you she hasn't had sex in six weeks and wants to buy you a drink, she's not concerned you may be thirsty.

    5. When a restaurant requires you wear 'a jacket', a Gore-Tex cycling jacket isn't suitable.

    6. When learning to dance, it's important to learn the steps along with the music.

    7. Practising sexual positions with the help of a department skeleton is not advised in the academic workplace.

    8. When a woman wants to know if you find her attractive, she does not want to hear that you 'haven't really noticed.'

    9. Feelings cannot always be explained by logic.

    10. Sometimes you don't find love, love finds you.

    Read The Rosie Project now – the feel-good romantic novel of 2014.