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    16 DIY Gifts For The Fiery Food Aficionado

    Wondering what to get your foodie friends who love the heat and bold flavors? This holiday season, consider these tongue tingling fiery food gifts for your own friendly aficionado. And, you can make these right in your own kitchen. Bonus!

    1. Make Your Own Spicy Salt Blends

    2. Zesty Chili Lime Cashews

    3. Homemade Spicy Mustard

    4. Sam Adams Lager & Sriracha BQ Sauce

    5. Homemade Curry Powder

    6. Cajun Blackening Seasoning

    7. Homemade Popcorn Holiday Gift Set

    8. Homemade Sriracha

    9. Southwest Seasoning Mix

    10. Spicy Caribbean Pineapple or Mango Chutney

    11. Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

    12. Homemade Asian Hot Sauce with Thai Peppers

    13. Salt Cure for Homemade Bacon

    14. Cayenne Hot Chili Pepper Truffles

    15. Pink Grapefruit Habanero Jam

    16. Homemade Ghost Pepper Chili Hot Sauce