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    People Are Roasting Ludacris's CGI Abs In His Latest Music Video And It's Hilarious

    Step into my office, please.

    This is Ludacris. He's given the world classic hits such as "Southern Hospitality," "Area Codes," "Move Bitch," "What's Your Fantasy?" and countless other musical gems.

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    In addition to being an accomplished rap artist, Luda is a philanthropist and an actor. His most recent project, The Fate of the Furious, hits theaters on April 14.

    Earlier this week, Luda released a new single, "Vitamin D" feat. Ty Dolla $ign, and it samples Sisqó's "Thong Song."

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    In the video, he shows off his bare, fake CGI chest and abs. Of course, it wasn't long before the internet began to make jokes about it.

    Def Jam / Via

    The abs were likened to those sweet King's Hawaiian rolls.

    As well as Grand Theft Auto.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @chulomang

    The roasts just kept coming.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @big_business_

    Luda even got in on the fun too.

    😂😂Do you want your own fake abs, but can't afford CGI? Get your fake abs here for $11.81!

    People had plenty of jokes, but the thing is, Ludacris has always done weird music videos.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @RappersRActors

    For example, in ""Rollout (My Business)" circa 2001, Luda was basically the equivalent of a human bobblehead.

    Island Def Jam / Via

    Then there's "Get Back" from 2004. The man sported arms that are basically double the size of normal person's.

    And how could we ever forget 2003's "Stand Up" feat. Shawnna in which he pretended to be a dancing baby — he even wore a diaper.

    Island Def Jam / Via

    And as one Twitter user said, the huge fro Luda dons from that same video was, in fact, CGI too.

    Island Def Jam / Via

    Luda is not new to this — he's true to this, folks.

    Def Jam / Via

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Ludacris' representative for comment.

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