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15 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen While You're Trying To Masturbate

Sometimes, trying to rub one out can be stressful, bruh.

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1. You could forget your lubrication, which is pretty dang sucky.

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Or you could be low on lubrication, which is also very bad.

2. Which means you're gonna have a pretty dry rubbing session.

NBC / Via

3. You could realize you've misplaced your headphones.

NBC / Via

Meaning you have to watch your video with the volume extremely low.

4. In the event that you do have your headphones, you can only have one ear bud in.

The WB / Via

To make sure no one walk in on you, obviously.

5. You could have a slow internet connection.


Imagine waiting all day to get home to relieve yourself and this is what you have to deal with?!

6. Speaking of a slow internet connection, this means you'll have to wait a long time for your "special video" to load.

7. You want to cry when you see that one of your favorite "special movies" has been deleted!

8. If you're using your phone, your mom could call, which would be one of the worst damn things ever.

Flying-Fool / Via

Do I pause my video or do I pick up?! What if it's an emergency?! Decisions, decisions, decisions.

9. You want to scream (silently of course) when the video stops playing for whatever reason.

10. You could forget your towel.

FX / Via

Which is used for you-know-what.

11. And if you don't have a towel, you'll just use whatever is near to catch your fluid.

12. Should you have roommates, you have to hope you don't let out an audible moan.

Fox / Via

This is actually hell. As humans, we need to let primal moan reign free!

13. You could have someone walk in while you're in the middle of this private moment.

Universal Pictures / Via

14. Just as your about to excrete your juices, your "special video" lands on a horrible, horrible frame.

15. After you finish ejaculating, you pull your underwear up only to have a bit of dribble come out.

Rolling Stone / Via

Oh well!

But hopefully you don't encounter any of these obstacles.

AIC Build / Via

Happy fapping!

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