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Posted on Sep 23, 2015

What's Your HBCU Love Story?

We want to know your love story!

When you go to an HBCU, there are a few things on your mind: Getting a great education, turning up a little, and finding a boo.


Whitley and Dwayne = relationship goals.

Perhaps you fell in love with your partner the first time you saw them in the quad...

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...or maybe you met them at a school sporting event.

We just want your stories of love. Nothing too long — a short story of how you and your partner met and fell in love in school will do.

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We're also looking for all types of stories — gay, straight, etc.

Submit your love story below, and be sure to tell us what school you met at! ❤️

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Your submission could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!

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