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    Here's The Cast For Netflix's "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"

    Even Esmé Gigi Geniveve Squalor would agree that these talented performers are all very "in."

    Last November, it was revealed that Netflix would be debuting an all-new live-action adaptation of the A Series Of Unfortunate Events books, set to premiere sometime in 2016.

    Excitement for the forthcoming series has been building ever since. At one point, there was a ridiculously well done fan-made trailer that sent lovers of the series into a tizzy. Netflix has since denounced any attachment to the trailer.

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    And now, Netflix has confirmed the casting to BuzzFeed. Here's who's playing who so far:

    Actor Malina Weissman will be playing Violet Baudelaire, the eldest of the three siblings.

    Weissman is best known for her work in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Supergirl.

    Klaus, the second eldest of the Baudelaire children, will be played by Louis Hynes.

    Hynes is relatively unknown as far as acting on television goes, however, he's pictured above as Franzl in Intermezzo, which was performed at Garsinton Opera in England last year.

    Neil Patrick Harris will be filling the role of Count Olaf, the man who serves as the caretaker of the orphaned Baudelaire children.

    You may be familiar with his work on the television show How I Met Your Mother.

    Patrick Warburton will be playing the coveted role of Lemony Snicket, the ever elusive narrator of the series.

    You may be familiar with Warburton's work in Family Guy and Rules of Engagement, and of course, Seinfeld.

    This post will be updated as more casting is announced.