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The 13 Stages Of Joining A New Fandom

You've been sucked in, and there's no turning back now.

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1. One day you're sitting at home and you're really bored.

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With absolutely nothing to do.

2. You're probably surfing the 'net, browsing your Tumblr when you discover something really interesting.

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You see people gushing and fangirling and reblogging GIFs of their favorite shows, books, films, etc.

3. You roll your eyes because the fandoms your fellow social media users are raving about can't be that great.

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You're very "meh" about it all.

4. However, curiosity gets the best of you, and you decide to see what the "hype" is about.

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And this is, my friends, is the beginning of the end.

5. It all begins with the first couple of pages of that surprisingly great book.

6. Or the first few episodes of that awesome show that you've been neglecting.

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7. You realize you've fallen into a dark yet happy place of the internet.

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8. After a while, you're pretty much a prisoner of the fandom.


And it's the best feeling ever.

9. For a moment you regret that you actually didn't join the fandom when it first began.

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But, better late than never.

10. You start to get your friends to join the fandom, too.

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Because you're so obsessed now that everyone you meet must know about this thing.

11. You begin to spend an insane amount of time talking about the future of the fandom with other aficionados.

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Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, it doesn't matter. You're talking about your favorite new fandom everywhere!

12. You start to wonder if other people who aren't in the fandom think you're crazy.

And the answer to that would be yes, of course.

And the answer to that would be yes, of course.

13. And finally, you also begin buying fandom paraphernalia on

Fandoms Unite!

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Go forth and fangirl!

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