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    Jul 21, 2013

    Strictly For The Nostalgia: Harry Potter Midnight Book Release Parties

    "After all this time?" "Always," said Snape.”

    Remember Arriving To The Bookstore With Your Friends/Family And You're Freaking Out B/C You've Waited SO Long For The Latest Book In The Series To Be Released?

    Like, You Even Had A Countdown On Your Computer Desktop, Counting Down Every Second For This Glorious Moment

    Of Course When You Arrive At The Bookstore You're Rocking Your Wizarding Best

    Like, You're In Full-On Wizard/Witch Garb. It's Not A Game.

    But Seriously, You've Waited Years For This Moment So You're Gonna Milk It

    While Waiting For The Clock To Strike Midnight, You Play Games To Pass The Time

    You Even Have A Few Butterbeers because...why not?

    However, No Matter How Awesome These Activities Are, You're Just Here For The Newest Book

    You Just Need The Darn Book Already. The Wait Is Seriously Unbearable

    Finally, Midnight Arrives And You Walk To The Front Of The Store To Purchase Your Book

    Then, You Rush Home And Go To Your Room Because You Need To Begin Reading, Without Anyone Else Around

    Six Hours Later You Finish The Book, and You're Filled With Various Emotions

    After You Get Over The Initial Shock Of Everything That's Happened, You Log On To Your Favorite HP Site and Fangirl

    And You Pretty Much Continue To Fangirl For, Like, A Really long Time

    And No Matter How Emotionally Taxing It Can Be, You're Proud To Be Apart Of One Of The Greatest Fandoms Ever