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    People Are Cracking Up Because Spike Lee Looks Like Willy Wonka

    Spike Lee and the chocolate factory.

    This is Spike Lee, the creator of some of your favorite films, like Do The Right Thing and School Daze.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images

    Earlier this evening, the famous filmmaker showed up to the 2016 BET Awards looking very similar to the fictional candy-maker Willy Wonka.


    Twitter / Via Twitter: @4nalyst

    Naturally, the jokes flew.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheyKnowChels
    Twitter / Via Twitter: @shakiraaevans

    ~hums "Pure Imagination"~

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @ikariusrising

    But honestly, who wouldn't watch this movie?!

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @OnlyFuturistic

    Let's just hope Spike isn't hiding any Oompa Loompas anywhere. 😂

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