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21 Times The Internet Was Super Accurate About Aunts And Uncles

Auntie: You've gained weight. Auntie: *piles your plate with more food*

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1. Every family has one.

2. That aunt who always tries to be "hip."

3. You know that uncle who still thinks he's so fly. That's him. That's how he poses.

4. When your auntie gets in the car for the family road trip looking disheveled and whatnot.

5. You'll most likely find this uncle playing cards and sipping a beer with his friends.

6. When your aunt proves she's a bigger Drake fan than you.

7. When your auntie tries to play you by alluding to the fact that you can't keep a significant other.

8. How your ~cool~ aunt feels when you show her just how up to speed she is with the times.

9. When your aunty slays a dish for a cookout.

10. When you're basically punished for getting older.

When your uncles give money to your younger siblings but not you, cause you're "too old", you be standing their like

11. That uncle who honestly isn't fit to be a babysitter, but he's cool AF.

12. And don't let her clean your cheeks with her spit. :'(

13. Even aunties have a ~sultry~ side.

14. And she'll try to take your man if you don't watch her.

15. Gosh, why are you so nosey?!

16. That uncle who SWEARS he can dance.

17. When your auntie comments on your figure and continues to feed a lot more food than you asked for.

18. That awkward tension. Everyone can feel it.

19. "My baby is growing up so fast." — your aunt

20. That aunt who could stand to be a bit tidier.

21. And lastly, that one uncle who tries to hang with the kids in an attempt to relive his glorious younger years.

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