18 Perfectly Hilarious Snapchats From Mariah Carey

    Often imitated, never duplicated. Wishing the diva of all divas a happy birthday!

    1. When she was feelin' like a superhero:

    2. When she felt like being a mean girl:

    3. When she thought about her achievements:

    4. When she was fashion-forward:

    5. When she didn't want to be bothered:

    6. When she was honored with a few of the most coveted awards in music:

    7. When she was placing a Starbucks order:

    8. When she stuntin' on everyone:

    9. When she took a photo with a fan:

    10. When she had to let someone know not mess with MC:

    11. When she decided to be flirtatious:

    12. When she had to tell a reporter to stop asking her about candy:

    13. When she was a little too turnt:

    14. When she managed to remain professional in a hostile work environment:

    15. When she went all out for Halloween:

    16. When she grew tired of repetitive jokes:

    17. When she slayed everyone with her impeccable fashion choices:

    18. And when she looked flawless:

    Happy Birthday, Mariah!