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18 Perfect Tweets For When Your Relatives Are Annoying During Thanksgiving

Aunt: Your tattoos are a lifetime commitment. Me: Your marriage wasn't. #ThanksgivingClapback is hilarious.

1. For when you're sick and tired of granny's shade.

2. Oops.

3. And when your auntie has her own problems to be concerned with.

4. Like...can you live?

5. For that uncle who's way too into your business.

6. And the same goes for the aunt whom you never really liked.

7. Throw massive shade this year.

8. No one is safe. Not even grandma!

9. Bloop. Bloop. Bloop.

10. Ouch, can you feel that burn?

11. Let's make it a rule to stop talking about school — no questions about that touchy subject.

12. Oh, and please don't bring up religion, especially if you're not that pious, fam.

13. 😭😭😭

14. I mean, worry about what's on your own plate, OK?

15. No time for the pettiness this year.

16. You probably walked right into that one, Auntie.

17. Yikes.

18. And finally: