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    Everyone Made The Same Hilarious Joke About John Cena On Twitter

    "How is that belt floating in the air like that?"

    This is John Cena, a pro wrestler who now also acts in movies.

    Though he's not seen in the ring as often as he used to be, that hasn't stopped fans from laughing at old wrestling memes.

    Yesterday, ESPN tweeted about Cena's birthday. He turned 40 years old.

    Why was the tweet so popular? Well, let's look at the replies to the photo, which features a championship belt being hoisted into the air. Is that belt holding itself up? Seems suspicious.

    Like, how is it doing that by itself? With no help at all?!

    And furthermore, where is John Cena?

    The people demanded answers.

    But there were some people who didn't get the joke.

    Now, if you've followed his career over the years, you'd know Cena's catchphrase is literally "You can't see me."

    He's also leaned into the catchphrase a lot since his wrestling days. In 2005, he released a rap album titled You Can't See Me.

    Happy birthday, Cena: We got you this more-than-a-decade-old meme.


    John Cena is not retired. An earlier version of this article said he was. Thanks to the commenters for pointing this out!