18 Of The Funniest Tweets From The “My Sibling Is Weird” Hashtag

If you don’t have a weird sibling, you’re the weird one.

Jimmy Fallon asked folks on social media to tell him the the weirdest things their siblings have done, and he read the funniest responses on The Tonight Show.

1. There’s the sister who had an interesting reason for making her sibling learn a secret handshake…

NBC / Via youtube.com

2. …and a brother who had an unconventional way of eating chocolate.

NBC / Via youtube.com

3. There was the brother with an outrageous take on death…

Twitter / Via youtube.com

4. …and this guy, who has a sister who may be a kleptomaniac in the making.

Twitter / Via youtube.com

5. There were a bunch of other great responses to the #MySiblingIsWeird hashtag not mentioned on the show, like this one:

6. And this one, featuring a very paranoid sibling.

But hey, at least they’re always prepared?

7. A lot of people have dealt with siblings wetting the bed accidentally, but doing it on purpose is definitely odd.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @YihSays

9. Now this is going way, way, waaaaay too far.

10. The sibling who has a peculiar way of spending his alone time.

11. I mean, shadows are scary. They’re always following you and stuff. What gives?!

Twitter / Via Twitter: @roddersj04

12. Ouch.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @annajoust

13. You hear that, dentists of the world? Liquid retainers should be a thing.

14. Nothing like a mock Gordon Ramsay talking to you while trying to prepare a dish.

15. Oh my goodness, no.

16. Very thoughtful, right?

Twitter / Via Twitter: @BooBear7498

17. ::cringes forever::

18. And finally:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jimmyfallon

You’re all heroes, weird sibs.

NBC / Via youtube.com

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