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Posted on Oct 1, 2015

18 Times The Internet Was Hella Accurate About Moms

Mom: I'll be in the store for a few minutes. Me: *dies*

1. When they get a little too intrusive with the relationship questions:

2. And when they pretty much think all video games consoles are the same.

3. When they call your name repeatedly...and they usually just want the remote control for the television.

4. When mom is chatting on the phone:

5. When you're given this ultimatum:

6. This white lie all moms tell:

7. This is always confusing because, like, what did you dooooooo?

8. Some moms can be super sensitive about cleanliness:

9. This transformation:

10. When your mom puts you in your place:

11. And sometimes they never give you a chance to state your case:

12. When you're trying to be open and honest with mom and she makes it about her:

13. When she gets upset that you asked to give a helping hand:

14. When you're ~obviously~ not working fast enough for her liking:

15. This super-awk moment:

16. When mom tries to buy your clothes for you:

17. This wishful thinking that someday the tables might be turned:

18. But they're super protective of you, especially if something foul has gone down at school:

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