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27 Racial Microaggressions People Of Color Are Tired Of Hearing

Because words mean things. And also, you don't want to offend anyone.

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6. " it true what they say about [insert race here] guys?"


What people of color hear: Cool. Thanks for reducing me to my reproductive organs.

What you could say: I'm going to remove myself from your presence until I learn how to properly speak to people.

8. "Why does your religion condone terrible things?"

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What people of color hear: Why is this person ignoring the fact that there's a very popular western religion that's responsible for millions of deaths?

What you could say: I'm gonna take the initiative to learn more about your religion so that I don't sound like an ass.


14. "Don't even think about pulling the race card."


What people of color hear: This person thinks talking about race is a just a fun thing to get people riled up.

What you should say: I will be quiet and listen, especially since I am in no way able to tell you about the plight of your people.

16. "Why is blackface bad, but white face isn't?"

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What POC hear: I'm oblivious to the the last 200 years of American History.

What you could say: I'm not sure why blackface is offensive, but I'll research it.


17. "Why are black girls always so angry?"

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What people of color hear: Damn, IDK. Should I phone the rest of the black women on Earth and hold a summit about why we're all so "angry?"

What you could say: Is something bothering you today?

20. "God, it must be so easy for minorities to get into college."

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What people of color hear: You guys can just check your race on college applications and you're in!

What you could say: What's your safety school?


21. "Why do you always do your hair so weird?"


What people of color hear: Your hair looks terrible. You should maybe conform and wear it straight, like normal people.

What you could say: That's a beautiful hairstyle.

23. "Why are Latinos always so loud?"


What people of color hear: Those darn hispanics are always so rambunctious, please speak for an entire population of people. You all do think alike, right?

What you could say: Wow. You really know how to bring a room to life, don't ya?


27. "No, but where are you really from?"


What people of color hear: You're SO much different from me. You couldn't possibly have been born in the same place I was.

What you could say: Did your family move around a lot when you were growing up?