27 Racial Microaggressions People Of Color Are Tired Of Hearing

    Because words mean things. And also, you don't want to offend anyone.

    1. "Sorry. I don't date outside of my race."

    2. "What do you mean you're not good at math?"

    3. "You're not like other [insert race here] people."

    4. "So...what are you mixed with?"

    5. "I'm blacker than you."

    6. "So...is it true what they say about [insert race here] guys?"

    7. "Why are Asians always so quiet?"

    8. "Why does your religion condone terrible things?"

    9. "It's crazy you don't have an accent!"

    What people of color hear: It's blowing my mind that you're saying words that I, a normal human, can comprehend. Good job!

    What you could say: Your voice is soothing to my ears.

    10. "I don't see color."

    11. "I can't believe you listen to NPR."

    12. "So, are you allowed to marry whoever you want?"

    13. "You're really pretty for a [insert race here] girl."

    14. "Don't even think about pulling the race card."

    15. "Why do your people speak so ghetto?"

    16. "Why is blackface bad, but white face isn't?"

    17. "Why are black girls always so angry?"

    18. "Can Asian people see just as well as white people?"

    19. "You're really cute for a [insert race here] person."

    20. "God, it must be so easy for minorities to get into college."

    21. "Why do you always do your hair so weird?"

    22. "Why do you talk like a white person?"

    23. "Why are Latinos always so loud?"

    24. "So...what are you exactly?"

    25. "I don't see you as black."

    26. "You're really articulate."

    27. "No, but where are you really from?"