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17 Times The Fragility Of Masculinity Went Way Too Far


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1. When a simple hairstyle's name was modified to fit the limited confines of masculinity.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @GirIsGirIsBoys

2. And when even influenza was forced to change its moniker in the name of all that is masculine.

Ipggutenbergukltd / Getty Images / Twitter / Via Twitter: @HuffingtonPost

3. When some fairytales were deemed only appropriate for boys.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @j_kenn1

4. When food was somehow pushed into the world of fragile masculinity.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @derekb_smith

5. Like, c'mon, how would someone "snack like a man"?

6. When it was decided that dryer sheets could be gendered.

Tumblr / Via

7. And antique items, as well.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @grimdarks

8. When even time unknowingly became a player in this debacle.

9. Question: What is the unit of measurement for something that's "mansize," anyway?

10. When tea became bro'd up.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @transgeorge

11. Not the cake. NOT THE CAKE.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @AVD0L


12. Why is this even a thing?

13. Oh god.

Instagram / Via

14. Have deities ever made a distinction of the prayers sent by men and the prayers sent by women?

15. *in a sing-song voice* Why must we conform to antiquated gender roles?

Jamie Sheringo / Via

16. Will someone please explain "man sized"?

17. And finally, when someone completely forgot what feminism means.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @haitreason

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