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    Posted on Jun 3, 2016

    Mariah Carey Doesn't Understand Sports, And Honestly, Same

    To be fair, sports are confusing.

    Mariah Carey appeared on Kimmel last night to chat about her Vegas residency, but she also discussed the NBA finals, and, unsurprisingly, the singer didn't really have much to say on the subject.

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    Jimmy Kimmel asked Mariah if she knew which teams were playing in the NBA finals.

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    And being the delightful pop star that she is, Mimi opted for a coy response.

    ABC / Via

    She later revealed that she was a pretty fast runner growing up, but never followed the rules of sports.

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    Like soccer, or football? She didn't really make it clear what sport she was referring to.

    ABC / Via

    But ultimately, she did let Kimmel know that she doesn't follow basketball on purpose...

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    ...she's just always on the go, but she does appreciate the game for what it is.

    ABC / Via

    Oh, Mariah, what would we do without you?

    MTV / Via

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