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People Are Cracking Up Over This Tweet Comparing John Legend To Arthur

Yes, the aardvark.

This is John Legend, the man with the beautiful voice behind some of your favorite songs like "Ordinary People," "All of Me," "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)" ft. Ludacris, and many, many more.

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

He's pretty legendary (sorry).

In addition to being an accomplished musician with millions of records sold, he also has 10 Grammys. Oh yeah, and did I mention he's also won an Academy Award?

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

In 2015, Legend and rapper Common won the Oscar for Best Original Song for "Glory" from the film Selma.

He's also married to supermodel Chrissy Teigen, with whom he has a baby girl named Luna.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Sure, he's a really accomplished and charming guy, but have you ever noticed anything else about him? Perhaps, at one point or another, he's reminded you of a beloved PBS Kids cartoon character?

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Over the weekend, Twitter user @sowahblanket tweeted a side-by-side photo of Legend and Arthur and claimed they look alike. The tweet became viral gold.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @sowahblanket

With more than 200,000 likes and nearing 70,000 retweets, the tweet was certainly shared far and wide on the internet over this past weekend.

People replied to the original tweet with convincing photos of Legend from the film La La Land. The photo shows him in a yellow shirt, which is a spot-on comparison to the famous aardvark's well-known outfit of choice.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jenevamonique1

Then someone took it a step further and photoshopped part of Arthur's face onto Legend's.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @bstfrnd__

The resemblance was uncanny.

The image manipulations were perfect.

Of course, people were amused by the comparison. One user called it "freaky."

Twitter / Via Twitter: @amysimms__

Others were "crying" after realizing they believed the singer to be a dead ringer for the animated cartoon character.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @JennaMadalena

Ultimately, this led to some being "shook."

According to the original poster's interaction with another Twitter user, the comparison was "positive" on her end, so no malice intended.

  1. With that said, what do you all think? Does John Legend look like Arthur or nah?

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images / PBS
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With that said, what do you all think? Does John Legend look like Arthur or nah?
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    No, WTH.

Update: Chrissy Teigen, aka the Queen of Twitter, responded to the comparison in the only appropriate way: with another Arthur meme, of course.

John when you tell him he looks like Arthur