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    Kids Tried To Explain How Babies Are Made And It Did Not Go Well

    "From boobs."

    Last night on Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel took to the streets to ask youths one of life's most important questions: How are babies made?

    The kids had hilarious responses, of course, mainly because they said the first thing that came to mind.

    Like this girl, who seemed to have a pretty good idea of where babies reside before they're birthed.

    And this kid, who gave an answer that wasn't WRONG.

    There were precious moments too, like this baby who was definitely sure that babies come from singing the alphabet.

    Then there was this poor, confused, sweet child.

    But the best reaction to the question came from this guy.

    After hearing the question, his face seemingly screams, Why are you asking me this?! Whyyy?!

    ...all before delivering a perfect response to the inquiry that caught him by surprise.

    Watch the full clip below and see just how much — or how little — kids know about the birds and bees.

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