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23 People Who Failed Spectacularly At Cooking

This is what happens when you fail to channel your inner Barefoot Contessa.

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1. Houston, we have a problem. Nothing on this plate is identifiable. 😫

2. I think I'll stick to the cereal bars I can buy from the store, thank you very much.

3. Yummy! Nothing like a blackened, congealed mass of ~something~ for lunch.

4. Look at this crime scene. RIP to the poor chicken breast that was seared upon this pan.

5. Attention, humans of Earth! This is definitive proof that bacon does not make everything better. 😷

6. When your Pinterest-inspired cookie in a cup looks as though it was chewed up by Cookie Monster himself...

7. This photo is proof that it's OK to order takeout every once in a while.

8. How could a dish as perfect as lasagna be reduced to a glob of cheese swill?

9. Poor pancakes. :'(

When u and bae wake up and with a hang over and she know she can't cook but trys😂😂😂👏

10. Please don't try to serve your S.O. chocolate-covered struggle strawberries.


13. Cookie Monster has seen the error of your ways and he's frowning upon these cookies.

14. Hey, at least you tried.

15. What did these pizza rolls do to deserve this?!

16. Isn't this the saddest mac 'n' cheese you've ever gazed upon?

17. Baking is hard, boo. Just stick to making ice.

18. What even is this? It can't be edible. 😣

19. Are these cake pops or are they the corpses of cake pops?

20. You know you can't cook when the foods you've prepared have looks of anguish on their "faces."

21. Is that a rat in the top left? Look awfully hairy.

22. Cause of sadness: This plate of "food."😞

dinner from bae! who said white girls can't cook? 😍

23. And finally, WHY?! Is this the claw of a griffin?! What magical beast was slain for dinner?!

I can't! :"""""D RT"@Mickzo: bae can cook shem... "

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