We Need A "Harry Potter" Version Of Pokémon Go

    Please make it happen, Jo.

    Since earlier last week, the world has been buzzing about Pokémon Go.

    It's an app that allows you to actually capture Pokémon in real life.

    Since the app has been hugely successful and because it's incredibly fun to play, people have started to pine for other virtual games of their favorite fandoms, ya know, like Harry Potter.

    Why isn't there a Harry Potter Go app? I want to be a Wizard and play quidditch.

    I jokingly tweeted this out on Tuesday morning, and, as it turns out, people are very into the idea of J.K. Rowling creating a Harry Potter game similar to Pokémon Go. And, like, same.

    Just think about it: A Potter app would be marvelous.

    No one would get any work done...

    ...but everyone would be having a ton of fun.

    Give the people what they want.

    And think of all the cool things you'd be able to do, like capturing a boggart...

    ...or searching for Horcruxes...

    ...or potion making.

    It'd also be pretty amazing to be assigned a Patronus...

    ...it'd be awesome to get sorted too.

    And last but not least, the Fantastic Beasts film comes out this November. Why not have a game that allows users to capture magical animals?

    Rowling, if you're listening, make this a reality.