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Hanging With Your Regular Friend Vs. Hanging With Your Best Friend

There's definitely a difference.

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1. When you're at your regular friend's house you're reserved, almost shy:

Bravo / Via

You have no problem showing how comfortable you are when you hang out with your best friend:

NBC / Via

2. When your regular friend blows off plans, it doesn't even faze you:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

But things are a little different when your best friend cancels plans:

Talk WW Productions / Via

3. When you're out with your regular friend and their S.O. and you're third-wheeling it:

When you're the third wheel with your best friend and their S.O.

Warner Bros. / Via

4. Reluctantly sharing food with a regular friend:

You don't even ask your best friend for a bite off their plate, you just take it:

5. Drinking with your regular friend, taking tiny sips and whatnot:

20th Century Fox / Via

Turning up without a care in the world with your best friend:

6. Giving your regular friend advice:

Cartoon Network / Via

Giving your best friend advice:

MTV / Via

7. Texting with a regular friend:

Michael Blackmon / BuzzFeed

Texting with a best friend means that "K" is never an acceptable response:

Michael Blackmon / BuzzFeed

8. When a regular friend asks you to borrow cash:

Comedy Central / Via

When your best friend asks for cash you don't hesitate to help:

Def Jam / Via

9. When someone talks smack to a regular friend:

SNL Studios / Via

When someone comes at your best friend sideways:

10. When your regular friend tries to grill you on your sexual ~escapades~

Fox / Via

Talking about sex with your bestie:

11. Hanging out with a regular friend's family:

Fox / Via

Hanging with your best friend's family:

12. When you're happy for a regular friend:

When you're excited for your bestie:

13. Seeing a regular friend you haven't seen in a minute:

MTV / Via

When you haven't seen your best friend in a while:

NBC / Via

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