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The "Growing Up With My Name" Hashtag Captures What It's Like Having A Unique Name

Struggle 1,234,198 of having a unique name: Just letting people mispronounce your name because you're tired of correcting them.

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1. For anyone with a unique name, going through roll call at school may have been a struggle, especially when the teacher butchers your name.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @horanscrews

2. And to make matters worse, it's annoying when said teacher attempts to call you something other than your given name.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @5hdisaster

3. Then there are the times it's easier to just let people say your name however they please because you're exhausted.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @SoDamnTrue

4. In fact, you'd probably be rolling in the dough if you were rewarded with monetary compensation each time someone mispronounced your name.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @1DZquadAf

5. You've been bombarded with people making terrible puns at your expense.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @reed_anglin58

6. Just awful.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @lanar98

7. But there were good moments when others stood up for you when it mattered most.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @sippydrw

8. And it's no secret that people with names that are different are sometimes profiled.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @myhairisblue

9. And asked really offensive questions.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @ElaheIzadi

10. Never seeing those souvenirs with your name on it was a common occurrence.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @top_yuliana

11. You became so good at knowing when someone was going to mispronounce your name, you'd make your presence known to avoid imminent humiliation.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @idkpooja

12. And the bad jokes don't get any better.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @johnjannuzzi

13. Because they're, like, not funny.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Chance_Pena

14. Although there are the rare instances when people find a great way to compliment you on your moniker.

15. Oh god.


Twitter / Via Twitter: @raphablueberry

17. Why, humans, why?!

Twitter / Via Twitter: @justinsnaomi

18. And lastly:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @nachotomIinson

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