21 Times Women Destroyed Men In The “Waste His Time 2016” Hashtag

“Make him pick a college near you then move out of state.” —#WasteHisTime2016

Last night, people began using the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 — a clever way of turning the tables on some of the pitfalls women who date men encounter.

Here are some of the best tweets:

1. Leave him hanging at the altar.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @AlikaArtist

2. Play mind games, too.

3. Use him as an alternative to Uber or Lyft.

4. Savagely manipulate his emotions.

5. Give him a cool new type of protein shake.

6. Really get to know him, only reveal your true intentions at the right moment.

7. Make him question if he’s actually interesting.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @fuxkubae

8. Take full advantage of his ability to assemble things.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @_NikkiandCo

9. Leave him stranded in a college town.

10. Make him question whether you really like him or not.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @aspensharae

11. Cackle when he arrives to what he thought would be a Netflix and chill session.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @aaaskmai

12. Be very affectionate.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Ellsafriqa

13. Tell him you two should talk and then never bring it up again.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @arooj172

14. Lie to him.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @erinarnold_

15. Act confused when he wants to take things to the next level.

16. Keep him interested just long enough to majorly disappoint him.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Leekin__

17. Purposely make him the third wheel.

18. Give him a few pet names.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @ChelceeGLee

19. Get a free meal.

20. Stay emotionally unavailable to him.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @CamsAlert

21. And finally, ghost on him.

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