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    Posted on Apr 28, 2016

    25 Faces Anyone With Facebook Will Immediately Recognize

    The "I need to delete this whole thing" face.

    1. The "My longtime crush just announced he's getting engaged" face:

    2. The "Someone just tagged me in a photo from five years ago" face:

    3. The "My mom constantly tags me in food recipe videos" face:

    ABC / Via

    4. The "I know I clicked 'attending' on this event but I'm really not going" face:

    5. The "I know we've been friends on here forever but I'm two seconds from 'hiding' you" face:

    6. The "I just accidentally opened your message and now it shows as 'read'" face:

    Tumblr / Via

    7. The "Let me screenshot this evidence to show to all of my friends later" face:

    E! / Via

    8. The "I know you're lying in your status update but I'm gonna refrain from being petty" face:

    9. The "My annoying friend from high school just shared an article from The Onion and thought it was real" face:

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @FemaleTexts

    10. The "Why does this friend still have a fake middle name on their profile?" face:

    NBC / Via

    11. The "Did you actually think your homecooked meal would translate well to photo?" face:

    12. The "It's 2016 and you're still poking people on Facebook" face:

    13. The "We don't even talk in real life so why are we friends on this thing" face:

    14. The "I see drama unfolding on my News Feed so I'm just gonna relax and watch it all unfold" face:

    15. The "Someone just called me out but they're right so I really can't be mad" face:

    Fox / Via

    16. The "Why is your job listed as 'self-employed'?" face:

    17. The "Why did this person I hated in high school just send me a friend request?" face:

    Island Def Jam / Via

    18. The "No you did not just write 'HBD' on my wall instead of 'Happy Birthday'" face:

    19. The "I don't even like you in real life, so why are you messaging me?" face:

    20. The "This person claims to hate having everyone in their business, yet they spill it all the time" face:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @skaijackson

    21. The "I just saw you talking crap about this person IRL, but you just commented 'pretty' on their photos" face:

    NBC / Via Twitter: @killehhh

    22. The "Grandma won't stop spewing her terrible views on politics" face:

    Channel 5 / Via

    23. The "I just went on an emotional rant and now that it's over I should probably delete everything" face:

    New Line Cinema / Via Twitter: @luvmedj

    24. The "I guess I'll like your status since everyone else we're mutual friends with liked it" face:

    MTV / Via

    25. And finally, the "I really need to delete this whole thing" face:

    Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

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