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Chad White Is So Insanely Hot It's Almost Painful To Look At His Beautiful Face

He is the man of everyone's dreams.

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Hello, this is Chad White and he's a very, very attractive top fashion model.

As a purveyor of thirst, we thought we'd do our duty to the world and bring this beautiful man to the eyes of the masses.

White has been in the modeling game for a while, and he's modeled for some of the top fashions lines, like Ralph Lauren and Dolce & Gabbana.

He also hangs out with some pretty elite company. Here he is with Tyson Beckford, who's, like, the most famous male model ever.

He even chills with R&B crooner Maxwell from time to time.

Now that's all well and good, but can we take a moment to get into this BAWDY?!


And like, are the muscles in his back even real? 😍

This is a little irrational, but we're not afraid to admit that we're super jealous of that chair.

Idea: Let's all become inanimate objects and Chad White can sit on us!


When he's not modeling, he relaxes by playing video games. And he's good with pets, too. The ultimate catch.

Are you swooning hard yet?

What are you trying to do to us, Chad?!

But like, honestly, if you aren't following Chad White on Instagram, what are you doing with your life?

Because you're definitely missing out.

Did we mention you were missing out on a lot?

You. 👏 Are. 👏 Missing. 👏 Out. 👏

And we wouldn't be a good friend if we didn't encourage you to live your best life.