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21 Tweets From "Explain A Film Plot Badly" That Will Make You Laugh

The #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly hashtag is gold.

1. When you think about it, this was basically the Harry Potter plot in a nutshell.

Oh, and this is also a pretty spot-on synopsis.

2. They're not wrong.

3. Now that's a different way of thinking about things.

4. This not-so-subtle bloop, though. 🔥

5. Everyone knows that's the first rule of Fight Club.

6. Accurate.

7. That moment when you realize Dorothy was most likely high as hell during her trip to Oz.

Like, higher than giraffe ears.

8. And James Cameron's 2009 epic was basically a retelling of actual events.

9. Another classic ruined.

10. It's almost like J. Jonah Jameson was right about Spider-Man.

11. Would rewatch a movie of Angela Bassett setting cars aflame on an endless loop.

12. That moment when you question who was actually the villain in Batman.

13. 😭😭😭

14. Childhood ruined...again.

15. Perfect description.

16. Yep, Gone Girl is definitely a feel-good film.

17. I see no lies.

18. What true love looked like before Instagram.

19. You right, you right.

20. True.

21. And lastly, this is the only fault of Jurassic Park. Always listen to the Goldblum.