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    Donald Faison Made The Funniest "Clueless" Reference On Twitter

    Here's your dose of '90s nostalgia for the day.

    Back in the '90s, Donald Faison appeared in Clueless, aka one of the greatest movies of all time.

    And if you've ever seen the film, you'd know that Dionne (Stacey Dash) and Murray (Faison) were the cutest couple ever.

    Who could forget the iconic scene in which Dionne freaks out when she sees Murray shaving his head?!

    And Dionne, understandably, was distraught because he was completely bald.

    But Murray was "just keeping it real."

    And it appears that he's still keeping it real all these years later, head shaved and everything.

    Faison's photo led people to echo Dionne's line in the classic scene.

    @donald_faison That's it. I'm calling your mother

    @donald_faison That's it! I'm calling your mother! 😂

    @donald_faison That's it! I'm calling your mother!

    FWIW, the shaved head still looks good, Donald, even if Dionne doesn't think so.