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18 Signs You're A Southerner Living In New York City

You ain't livin' in the country no more, kiddo!

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7. You miss when strangers would give a gentle smile whenever you happened to make eye contact.

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In the South, you could be on the bus, in a store, etc. and someone would respond to your smile in kind.


8. You feel really horrible when you don't give money to the less fortunate who hound people for money.

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Your southern generosity is being drained from you by the second, just like the money is being drained from your pockets because the city is so expensive.

10. You miss regional chain restaurants like Bojangles so much.

Like, Popeyes is cool and all that, but it's not Bojangles.

11. You sometimes want to assume fetal position and cry when you think about paying rent.

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You'd pay a lot less for a lot more space in the South, but you came here to live out your dream, empty pockets be damned!


12. Sometimes you're startled while walking down the street because there's some incredibly loud noise.

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It's usually some a siren or construction workers, but it's seriously one of the scariest things ever. You eventually get used to it, though.

13. No matter how long you live in NYC, you doubt your nostrils will ever adapt to the smell of feces and/or piss that randomly assaults your nostrils.


18. Although it's not the easiest place to live, you still romanticize the city.


Because you're happy to be here, and not too long ago you were that boy or girl just longing for the chance to make your dreams come true in the city that never sleeps.