Alexander Skarsgard Let The World Know He Has Really Nice Legs

    The thirst is really real.

    This is Alexander Skarsgard. He's an actor and he's very easy on the eyes.

    Last night, the MTV Movie Awards aired on television and audiences were blessed with an unexpected surprise: Skarsgard's immaculate thighs.

    And we even got a peek at his beautiful bum, as well.

    Clearly someone's been doing their squats.

    But back to those legs, 'cause damn.

    They're so long and very shapely.

    Even Samuel L. Jackson briefly glanced at his ~noice-looking~ quads.

    Definitely not mad about this at all, sir.

    Just warn us next time before pulling such a major thirst trap. 🌾🐫🌾💦

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