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    Chris Tucker Doesn’t Seem Into Playing Smokey From “Friday” Again

    Please come back, Smokey!

    In 1995, Ice Cube wrote the now-classic film, Friday.

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    Two sequels — Next Friday and Friday After Next — followed, but you could argue that they pale in comparison to the original.

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    In August, Cube tweeted about potential fourth film in the series, which would be titled Last Friday. However, it seems like Cube and the studio are having trouble agreeing on the vision for the movie.

    We had a meeting. Can't do Last Friday unless we can do it right. Ball is in New Line Cinema's hands. Bat is in mine

    Although no one knows exactly what'll happen or if the another movie in the series will be made, one thing's for sure: People want to see Chris Tucker back in the hilarious role of Smokey, the carefree, never-not-joking friend of Craig Jones (played by Cube).

    New Line Cinema

    Earlier this week, while promoting his latest movie — Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk — Tucker was asked if he'd ever do another Friday film.

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    Surprisingly, he'd just watched the movie recently and talked about how proud he was of it.

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    But his response, which will probably disappoint a ton of people, made it seem like he wasn't really into the idea of performing as Smokey again.

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    He didn't completely shut down the possibility, though, so hope is not lost.

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    Here's hoping that the project gets made *and* that Tucker comes around to being on board with it.

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    Watch the full clip, courtesy of Global Grind, below.

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