"Black-ish" Was Open And Honest About Police Brutality In America

    "The system is rigged against us."

    Wednesday night's episode of Black-ish centered on police brutality and highlighted conversations that many black Americans struggle to have with their kids.

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    During the episode, Dre (Anthony Anderson) and his wife Bo (Tracee Ellis Ross) get into a discussion about police brutality as the family waits to see if a police officer will be indicted for killing a black man who was unarmed.

    The episode has been praised for its honest depiction of a subject that's all too real for black Americans.

    A lot of people took to Twitter with their thoughts on the episode:

    Just watched last night's episode of #blackish. Reminds me of TV in the 70s/80s, when polarizing topics always were addressed.

    woke up a little early today to watch last night's episode of #blackish. beautiful. we needed this show so bad, man.

    That #Blackish episode dead made me cry. It was too #real

    The #Blackish episode re: protest & police violence is powerful, honest, and thoughtfully engages the topic. It's a must see.

    There's a moment between Bo and Dre that is particularly poignant when the two began to discuss how they felt when President Obama was inaugurated.

    Dre touched on how they both thought that things would change in terms of how black people are treated...

    ...even though there was the aching feeling that something would go wrong.


    Finally, Dre summarizes his point by saying that, although hope is great, it's best to be honest with their children about how the world actually is.