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    Ariana Grande Cut A Hole In A Hat For Her Ponytail And It's Honestly Very Impressive

    Nothing will stop the ponytail. Not one thing.

    This is Ariana Grande. She's a singer, actor, and dangerous woman.

    Last week, supremely talented vocalist debuted a new look: bangs.

    And while she did introduce a new hairdo recently, she has kept her signature ponytail that we've all come to know and love.

    Here she is in 2016, 2013, and 2014 — rocking that classic look.

    It's pretty evident that she ADORES her 'do.

    But did you know that she was so in love with her ponytail that she decided to cut a hole in a baseball cap so that she could flaunt her beloved locks of hair?!

    I can't believe Ariana cut a hole in her hat to make sure she can still wear her ponytail

    Not gonna lie, it's pretty inventive.

    Of course, people joked about Grande's dedication to her pony...

    ...but it was undeniable that the trick was kind of cool.


    Ari should totally sell caps with ponytail cutouts, because I will buy them.

    Ariana Grande cut a hole in her hat so that she could wear her ponytail. 😂

    All hail Ariana Grande, Queen of Hot Trends. 👑