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27 Faces All Work BFFs Have Definitely Made Before

You'd probably never survive the workday without making a few of these faces to your main work buddy.

1. The "I wish this one co-worker would stop trying to butt into our conversation" face:

2. The "it's 5 o'clock on a Friday and our boss thinks we should do more work" face:

3. The "why does that one co-worker always have to tell inappropriate jokes?" face:

4. The "are we gonna trust that dish Sam brought to the office potluck?" face:

5. The "we just heard something incredibly shady, but let's play it off until we can talk in secret" face:

6. The "please meet me in the bathroom, we need to talk" face:

7. The "I hope we don't get sent to HR for this" face:

8. The "I just got some hot office gossip and you aren't gonna believe it" face:

9. The "we just heard someone get chewed out by the boss" face:

10. The "are we really sitting in this boring-ass meeting?" face:

11. The "I told you those two were sleeping together" face:

12. The "OMG, the office cutie just walked by" face:

13. The "that person cannot really think that counts as business casual" face:

14. The "we're both calling out of work sick tomorrow" face:

15. The "the morale has been sucked out of this place, but we're trying to hold on" face:

16. The "I'm just gonna text you from my desk because I think our boss is on to us" face:

17. The "why does this person think they're our best friend already?" face:

18. The "you really just took my breath away with that insane Gchat message" face:

19. The "I'm so glad we made it to happy hour on time" face:

20. The "I'm subtly trying to get you to look to the right without being obvious about it" face:

21. The "that co-worker with the poor hygiene regimen is coming around" face:

22. The "we're totally annoying everyone in this office" face:

23. The "we both can't stand this person" face:

24. The "I really don't know what to do with myself when my work BFF isn't here" face:

25. The "that person we loathe tried to make a joke, it was funny but don't laugh" face:

26. The "I wish our manager would stop threatening to separate us" face:

27. The "I'm so glad I have someone to make it through this crazy job with each day" face:

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