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24 Of The Most Hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge Videos Of 2014

Who did you nominate this year? Warning: A few butts appear in this post.

Earlier this year, our collective Facebook News Feeds were spammed with endless videos of people attempting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which aimed to raise awareness of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

The challenge lasted for months, and it really picked up steam once celebrities began to participate. With so many people doing the challenge, it was only a matter of time before hilarious fails ensued.

That said, here are the 24 of the funniest Ice Bucket Challenges of 2014:

1. YouTuber GloZell had one of the most memorable Ice Bucket fails because, well, er, let's just say she got a mouthful of water.

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2. There's also this girl, who probably wasn't expecting things to go from 0 to 100 so quickly.

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3. Oprah Winfrey participated in the challenge too, and her shrill shrieks will haunt you tonight.

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4. There was this not-so-sturdy fence that tried to get both of these people to participate.

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5. This guy who decided to be a show-off and use liquid nitrogen.

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6. There was this woman who should probably remember to wear wigs that are more reliable.

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7. This adorably potty-mouthed baby who'd had enough.

8. There was this child who may have difficulty reproducing in the future.

9. This girl carrying the bucket who probably doesn't have any true friends, especially since the one beside her laughed after she fell.

10. There was this biker who decided to let his ambition get the best of him.

11. These girls who are probably still trying to process what happened.

12. This girl who will think twice before standing on a bucket ever again.

13. These guys who almost injured themselves.

14. This guy who saw exactly how fast karma can be.

15. This guy who did the challenge and somehow managed to stay dry for the most part.

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16. This dog who tried to make a run for it.

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Lesson: Don't douse yourself with water while your pet is around.

17. This girl who experienced a series of traumatic events.

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Thankfully she is all right.

18. This girl who was really upset at her mom.

19. This woman who should've known better than to twerk while doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

20. This guy who revealed a bit more of himself than he probably wanted to.

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21. Kermit was another public figure who decided to take the challenge, and he pretty much lost too.

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22. This guy who should probably start working on his upper body strength.

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23. This boy who probably wishes he had more reliable brothers.

24. And finally, there's this guy who probably should invest in some new underwear.

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Also, you can still donate money to the ALS Association.