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23 Vines Guaranteed To Make You Howl With Laughter

Do it for the Vine!

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1. OK, let's ease into it with this classic Vine, which describes us all when the ice cream truck comes around:

2. When you haven't eaten all day and one of your siblings tries to scare you:

3. Just look at this lovely owl, who's probably getting ready for church on Sunday:

4. When you're trying to run, but the concrete decides to impede your escape:

5. When your grandma let's you know she's not in the mood for games:

6. When the squad comes to your rescue:

7. When your sibling gets a bad report card and you see your parents pulling in the driveway:

8. When back-to-school commercials remind you that you'll once again be confined to your school for 8 hours a day:

9. Basically every millennial, if they were around in the 14th century:

10. When you see your cousin on the TV:

11. When your mom tries to reprimand you, but you're too adorable to be scolded:

12. When the news hits a little too close to home:

13. When you realized Drake's impact has reached the Baby Boomers:

14. When your parents force you to eat your veggies:

15. When you realize that everyone has that one friend who love to ham it up:

16. When your Nae Nae becomes a No No:

17. When your cat is the only one who will tolerate your weirdness:

18. That sound you make when someone asks you to go to the gym at 6 a.m.:

19. When you're thinking about where to purr and relax next but then your owner bothers you so you hide in a small bowl:

20. When you're super honest about your plans for summer break:

21. When you unexpectedly hit a falsetto note:

22. The vowels of the alphabet presented with ~flair~:

23. And finally, when you're trying to impress your crush and it backfires:

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